Estelle D.Jan 28, 2021
Offer great training and support to get the most out of your Spotfire license
Shane G.Nov 9, 2018
We initially started working with Cadeon in the summer of 2017, at CREB®. Our first engagement was focused on a strategic dash boarding Proof of Concept, with some deeper analytical aspirations for…Read more...
Hasan H.Mar 27, 2020
Jade Liu was the instructor for teaching a spotfire analyst course. The training session was 4 hours long and due to the health climate that was going on, we had to move this to a virtual training. …Read more...
Vinesh T.Jan 24, 2020
Jade Liu, our trainer for Spotfire Fundamentals is very knowledgeable in the subject and also a great trainer. She could explain things clearly and make it more interesting. Definitely would love to…Read more...
Harshitha V.Jan 16, 2020
vaibhav V.Jan 16, 2020
Excellent training services. Jade has given us a good training on Spot Fire.
Almin K.Nov 20, 2019
Incredible organization. Cutting edge with a keen eye for talent ;)
Fantastic leadership. Definitely recommend.
Ryan F.Oct 28, 2019
Anne-Marie & A.Oct 25, 2019
Jade is a superstar data analytics prof, can't say enough good things about this organization. Drastically improved my ability to work with oil and gas data.
Adrian C.Oct 25, 2019
Yunji J.Oct 17, 2019
Jade showed me lots of new and useful things in Spotfire that I had not known before. She is an excellent instructor !
HilmiMay 21, 2019
Alex R.Apr 1, 2019
This was a great 2-day Spotfire Advanced Training course that has taken my competency and proficiency using the tool to new levels. I highly recommend this course for those who are already familiar…Read more...
Dave A.Dec 17, 2018
I loved working for this company. As a young data analytics developer, the tasks that I had performed were instrumental to my professional growth, and I really enjoyed the fast-paced environment.
Phil U.Dec 10, 2018
Ryan M.Oct 31, 2018
Cadeon has been a true partner in the implementation of our spotfire system. From the initial deployment of the software to ongoing development and support, Cadeon has always been ready, willing, and…Read more...
Greg K.Oct 30, 2018
Their consultants are knowledgeable and their service is excellent. No request is out of the question and usually can be accommodated within my budget and in a reasonable timeframe. Very responsive…Read more...
James L.Oct 18, 2018
Cadeon is my go to when it comes to BI, Analytics and Integration. They have a great technical team and I've been very happy with their expertise in Spotfire and Data Virtualization.
Leo S.Oct 17, 2018
Jeff S.Oct 17, 2018
I own a technology consulting firm in the US. For more than 10 years, Cadeon has provided excellent service, responsiveness and overall "do what they say they can do" commitments. Rarely do I feel…Read more...
Murray L.May 5, 2014